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Fusion. Integration. Organic. Individual personal voice evolves from the myriad of experiences that sculpts the artistic aesthetic when creating work at any moment. The Alithea Mime Theatre is a company committed to a continuing vision of mime theatre as a single discipline and multidiscipline with an emphasis on group choreography. After accepting the invitation to co-find the Goldston School for Mime while engaging in parallel training in dance, Johnson established an artistic identity in the mime theatre with a talent for company choreography. In 1994, Johnson, with Sabrina Vasquez as associate artistic director, established the Alithea Mime Theatre and embarked on a creative journey that continues today. In 1999, Alithea became a professional company in residence at Wichita State University.
Further work that emerged from Alithea combined original music composition with stage and film. What followed were multidisciplinary works, on-site experimental performances, and a focus on audience immersion. Wichita State University became home to a diverse collection of interdisciplinary experiments that further developed Alithea’s creative voice by providing support, encouragement, resources, and professional-quality emerging talent.
Over 40 Years of Performing Arts Experience

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